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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

We will provide you all different types of services that have to do with water, flood or smoke damage restoration.

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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning company Castro Valley is a firm that we have been established which is purely made of professionals who have specialized in the area of sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning among other cleaning services.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning Castro Valley is a company that has been offering upholstery cleaning service for a good number of years.

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Experienced and well trained carpet stain-removal personnel

Deal with stains and greases on your carpet as quickly as possible with these simple but effective cleaning tips.

Excellent tips about carpet cleaning and stain removal methods! Interested in finding out how to take care of your carpet stains and what to do when the carpets get wet? The best ideas on water damage solutions! Take a look! Simply put and quick to read, these ideas will surely help you.

Easy ways to clean carpet stains and keep the rugs clean! Take a look at the following carpet cleaning tips.

Ecofriendly products for better health

It is true that carpet stain removal is not always easy. Some stains are too stubborn and won't come off with plain soaps. This doesn't mean you have to use chemicals. Not all strong detergents contain hazardous substances and the specialists from Carpet Cleaning Castro Valley would recommend ecofriendly products. Green soaps will keep the indoor air clean and healthy and, thus, you will be healthier, too.

Combine carpet and sofa cleaning

All carpets, sofas and upholstery gather dust and that's why you should clean them all together to avoid the transference of dirt from one place to the other. Carpet cleaning combined with sofa and upholstery cleaning will ensure a fresh indoor environment friendly to your family and respiratory system. It will take more time but you will have a very clean home and much better health.

Use the right carpet cleaning products

There are several carpet cleaning products on the market. Make sure you use the right ones. Choose based on the fibers of your carpets. Check whether they are made of natural or synthetic fibers. If you have flokati or silk rugs, get products that are made to clean these textures. Remember to test them before using them to avoid discoloration and damage. It's preferable to get ecofriendly products and avoid those containing chemicals.

Follow a zigzag pattern to remove pet hair when vacuuming the carpet

This technique is really simple, but it works amazingly well for extracting even the hair that is stuck deep in between the fibers. As long as you do not push the attachment too hard against the floor, you should not worry about any adverse effects on the pile. Once you get used to following this pattern, you will find it really easy as well as effective to use.

Blotting spills

If you spill liquid onto your carpet, it's best to blot out the wet patch with a dry cloth. You can make use of paper towels if you prefer but you're going to use up quite a bit, so using a dry washable cloth will be much more economical. Use several of these rags to blot out the spill on the top layer and also put a couple under to prevent the liquid from spreading to a wider area or staining the floor itself, especially if it's made of wood.

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